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According to the needs of our customers who are themselves the core values of Solar Bright , we have seen the need for these unique works, specific and detailed.

  • Execution of civil works
    • Special foundations
    • Lineal foundations
    • Placement of substations and investors
    • Control, lighting and surveillance
    • Monitoring

  • Replant
  • Implementation of internal roads and access
  • Execution of special foundations
  • Execution of civil works for substations
  • Execution of electrical canalizations
  • Environmental Recovery

After more than two years of operational research, Solar Bright, in collaboration with the University and Science & Technological Park of Castilla La Mancha, has developed a system that cleans solar farms automatically.

The system is based on a generic robotic mechanical manipulator, capable of positioning it´s extremities within a large workspace, in a completely manner in relation to the photovoltaic panels structure.

The mechanical chain that links the mechanical manipulating arm with the end-efector means that neither the mechanical arm nor the head structure surpasses threshold pressure limits, providing a completely safe operation regardless of vehicle movement.

The manipulator is fixed to the vehicle on a solid base, whose mission is to supply the necessary energy for the manipulator and the tool during operation.

The most novel contribution of the project, the manipulator is designed, by placing a tool in its cleaning head, allowing the cleaning of solar panels while the autonomous vehicle that carries it is in motion.

All of which means that solar plants become a lot more efficient due to fact that the cleaning process is a lot quicker and there is less time lost to production of energy.

The complete system, vehicle and manipulator, is fully autonomous in its function.