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a. Approach System

The system is based on a generic robotic manipulator, capable of positioning it´s extremities within a large workspace, in the proximity of the photovoltaic panels’ structure.

b. Positioning System

It’s a system of active adaptations, that controls the distance between the cleaning tool and the structure, absorbing vibration generated by the moving vehicle, allowing the cleaning of the panels in a completely secure way, without the risk of damage to said panels.

c. The Cleaning Tool

It’s responsible for the task of cleaning, by controlling and combining a steam projection over the surface of the panels with both adequate temperature and pressure, simultaneously with a soft cleaning element that act over the panels.

d. Energy supply System

This system meets all the necessary supply needs of the generic robotic manipulator, the steam generator, the cleaning tool and the control system, during a working day, without an external supply source.

e. Control System

This is the control system whose mission is to generate the necessary instructions to the actuators that govern the positioning system that helps to maintain the necessary distance between the cleaning tool and the panels, according to the information captured by the sensors in the cleaning tool.

f. Drive System

All the afore mentioned systems are fully integrated in a mobile transport unit. The vehicle is fitted with a water deposit which has sufficient capacity to supply, treat and purify the water before being converted into vapor. The steam passes through a cleaning tool which is integrated in the lifting arm that is part of the vehicle.